• Building Automation Systems

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    Building automation supports the productivity and efficiency of your business. Since building automation can manage lights, HVAC, security, access, emergency alarms, maintenance issues, and cameras, the time of your valued personnel can be conserved and better utilized for your business. Building automation is the technological support to keep your building's daily operations running smoothly for the comfort of your clients and employees. Regardless of your company's industry, we can design an automation program to suit your needs. Investing in building automation prioritizes the comfort, safety, and functionality of your business. Additionally, building automation can conserve energy and your budget by turning off systems when they are not needed and reporting any efficiency issues throughout your building. Saving money and energy is beneficial for the longevity and profitability of your business.

  • Energy Management Systems

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    Energy management systems help deliver the needed energy without running in excess or over budget. Generally, energy management entails utility expense management, central plant cost allocation, meter services (reading, billing, collection, installation, design, and service), energy procurement, energy bench-marking, high-efficiency lighting, and market response solutions. Our energy solutions are personalized and optimized to meet your building's needs specifically. With the rising costs of utilities, operating with efficiency is vital for your finances and company's sustainability.

  • Direct Digital Controls

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    We design and implement direct digital controls which help ensure smooth and efficient operations within your building. With a computer managing the utilities and functions inside your building, control can be maintained, monitored, and adjusted via a centralized access point. Our team of professionals can outfit your building with the technology needed to manage all of your necessary utilities.

  • Access Controls

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    Controlling the access within your building is vitally important for the privacy and security of your company, clients, and employees. Using access controls, you can assign the appropriate clearance to staff members through a card or code access. From your designated device or computer, all entry points can be video monitored to ensure there are not any security breaches. Since security can be monitored remotely from a designated device, your security team is not confined to one spot and can remain vigilant and mobile throughout the day. Access controls can even be integrated into your building automation as a whole. Through access controls, your building is protected and safeguarded from concerning security breaches.

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