Who we are

Established in 2002, Southland Controls, Inc. is a low voltage, technology-based contractor for the energy and building management industry. Utilizing the latest technology and methods, we design, program, install, maintain, and commission building controls. Our state-of-the-art building controls are managed through computer operated devices for the purposes of heating, ventilation, cooling systems, fire alarm systems, security systems, access control systems, and camera systems.

What we do

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    Building Automations & Controls
    Using computer operated devices, all of your building's functions are managed for ideal function and efficiency.

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    Energy Management
    Utilizing computer operated systems, your energy and electric utility are managed for ideal efficiency and optimal performance.

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    Direct Digital
    Managing your building is simplified through a unified and automated digital approach. Adjusting ventilation, heating, and air conditioning is easy with our technology integrated.

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    Card Access
    Through a card access system, your company can control who receives access to your business as a whole as well as individual rooms within your building. Each employee can be designated the appropriate access. Card access provides better security and control within your building.

  • Low Voltage (Alarm Class) License
  • Schneider Electric Ecostruxure Bacnet Certified
  • Schneider Electric IA series Lonworks Certified
  • Master Electrical License (Unrestricted)
  • Schneider Electric Ecostruxure LonWorks Certified
  • Schneider Electric Buildings Partner –EcoXpert Level Certification
  • Schneider Electric Ecostruxure Certified
  • Schneider Electric Ecostruxure Sales Certified
  • Schneider Electric IA series Bacnet Certified
  • Schneider Electric Ecostruxure Healthcare Certified

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