About us

  • History

    Southland Controls, LLC, was founded under the original name of Southland Technologies, Inc. in 2002 by Ronald A. Goodwin. Goodwin's extensive background in controls began in 1989. After gaining experience working with Johnson Controls, Inc. and SafeAire Controls, Goodwin became a leader in the industry and established Southland Technologies, Inc. Goodwin's background and education have laid the foundation for substantial growth over the years. The company has expanded to include a large staff, regular contractors, and multiple business locations throughout the state of Georgia.

  • Today

    Today, Southland Controls, LLC has grown into a respected low voltage, technology-based contractor with a trusted track record of efficiency and professionalism. Our team designs, programs, installs, maintains, and commissions building controls through computer operated devices for heating, ventilation, cooling systems, fire alarm systems, security systems, access control systems, and camera systems. Our most common contracts are based with mechanical and electrical contractors. Additionally, we implement service contracts, retrofits, and new installed systems directly for the end user.

  • Vision

    The vision for Southland Controls, LLC is to manage controls through technology to help companies maximize their productivity and ensure smooth daily operations. Through utilizing building controls, a company's building will remain comfortable and functional while the business focuses on client care. Our systems are built to serve businesses and maintain comfortable spaces for clients and employees.

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